Founded: 1930, 87 years
Headquarters: Monroe, Louisiana
# Employees: 43,000
Key Facts:
Services Types:
Services Territory: Nationwide
Elevator Pitch: Today’s IT organizations are faced with more complex challenges than ever, such as the explosion of applications, digital transformation, big data and data quality, relentless security threats, multi-cloud management, justifying legacy upgrades with static budgets, to name a few. However, companies like yours are still counting on technology to drive growth, generate revenue, and return value to shareholders. Enter CenturyLink Business: we’re committed to your business success. CenturyLink is the technology partner for many of the largest global businesses, helping them reduce their time to market, enable a distributed workforce, go digital, and gain a competitive edge. Be agile, efficient, and secure with CenturyLink Business as your partner.
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