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Clawson, MI. – January 21, 2016 – Telegration has launched a new app, TeleApp®, to provide mobile access to common tools and materials used in their sales processes, and to encourage direct, regular communication with Channel Managers.

The app includes features like forms, pricing and promotional material, marketing materials, coverage maps, news and social media, and contact information. The app is available for download through the App Store or the Google Play Store and was developed by Mousetrap Mobile in Royal Oak, MI.

With the increasing popularity of mobile usage, the app will streamline processes for agents and give them access to valuable materials and support. TeleApp® is linked to Telegration’s Convey Platform, TelePortal. TelePortal provides access to marketing materials, events, and product knowledge from each of Telegration’s partners. Agents are able to check their monthly commission statements and submit quote requests easily through the simple interface.

President Denis Raue commented on the app stating, “Telegration is proud to announce that our TeleApp® is now available to be downloaded on both the Apple and Droid platform. It’s an increasingly mobile world and now our contacts, providers content and contact info, access to our TelePortal ® is available from our customers at any time. All of our service and pre-sales support requests can be submitted real-time 24 x7 to better serve our customers and agents. We look forward to future enhancements and the successful adaption of our mobility application to increase our ability to have the latest and most current content on all of our providers including promotions and Agent Spiffs.”

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